Todd Ashby

Leslie’s is a very dedicated, knowledgeable physical therapist, who gets to know her clients physical condition and goals, then apply techniques and strategies to produce the best possible outcomes.

Leslie structured tailored exercises and therapy strategies for my hip injury. Not only did Leslie tell how to do the exercises, but she explained the reasoning behind what she was having me do and how the sequencing of exercises work together.  With her help, Leslie assisted me in reducing my pain, improving my flexibility and walking normally.

If you need a physical therapist, I highly recommend visiting Leslie Foley and Bondurant Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine.  Additionally, Leslie is a good egg.

Sandra Wendel

I started seeing Leslie a few weeks ago and I have noticed a tremendous change! She truly cares about curing your pain and helping your body get back to healthy. She is very personable also which makes me feel even more comfortable! Easy to find location and brand new so very nice. I definitely recommend her!

Sara Chung Hannapel

Leslie was amazing to work with before and after surgery. She understood my goal was to get back to my regular activities without pain. She helped me find ways to manage my excruciating pain before surgery with stretching and exercise so I didn’t have to take so much medication. Leslie’s compassion helped me through my frustration and kept me on track for a successful recovery. She explained my purposeful exercises plainly so I could understand how exactly therapy was helping my recovery.

Leslie’s personable yet professional support helped keep me motivated. She was knowledgeable and gave me thoughtfully tailored exercises toward my sport. I cannot thank Leslie enough for her dedication to me before and after surgery. Thank you!