Urban Poling Class

3D Flexibility Training

Telerehabilitation/ virtual session

Do you have pain with repetitive movements? Whether it's tendonitis, bursitis, shin splits
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Overuse and Orthopedic Injuries

Have you had a recent surgery? Whether you had a total knee replacement, rotator cuff repair, or another orthopedic surgery, We can help.
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Post Surgery Rehab

Whether you’re a high school athlete, week-end warrior, or an elite super star, we treat athletes of varying abilities and ages
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Sports Injury Rehab

Are you struggling with dizziness, or unsteadiness with walking? We can help.
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Balance and Vestibular Training

Suffering pelvic pain, incontinence, or pre/post pregnancy musculoskeletal pain? We can help.
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Women's Health

Whether you have difficulty with running or want to improve you overall walking, We can help.
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Running and Gait Analysis

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Neck pain, Back pain, Joint pain ? We can help.
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Chronic Pain

We have built relationships with numerous companies in the Bondurant and Great Des Moines area to offer relief for work related injuries.
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Work Injury

Adult/Senior Exercise Classes

About Bondurant Physical Therapy

Hi, as Owner of Bondurant Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, I invite you to experience our passion for serving the community by helping people restore function and to move without limits.

Bondurant Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine is a full service, locally owned and operated physical therapy clinic that provides services that are designed based on your unique rehabilitation needs. The atmosphere is relaxed and personal. I invite you to call for an appointment or stop by to have your questions answered. I look forward to the opportunity to be of service to our community.

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